Souvenaid® is a Food for Special Medical Purposes for the dietary management of early Alzheimer's Disease and must be used under medical supervision. Consult with your doctor, specialist nurse or pharamacist for advice.

What is Souvenaid®?

Take it daily

  • Souvenaid® is designed to be taken as a 125ml bottle once per day, every day.

    9 Ideas to get the most out of taking Souvenaid®:

    • Always keep Souvenaid® in the fridge as it tastes best when served cold.
    • Use a straw or pour into a glass if you or the person you are caring for does not like drinking it straight from the bottle.
    • Routine is very important, it may help to drink Souvenaid® at the same time each day so that it becomes a habit. Why not make it part of a healthy daily breakfast?
    • If the taste of Souvenaid® is an issue at first, it may be worth trying a different flavour or taking a break before trying the same flavour again. Tastes can change and as things become familiar, they may be perceived as tasting better. It can also help to store seven bottles of Souvenaid in the fridge at each time, then re-stock with the next weeks supply when the last bottle is used. This should help you keep track of when Souvenaid is taken and also make it easier to see when you need to order more. We can provide a handy fridge tray to help you with this if you sign up to Souvenaid® Connections.
    • Attach a calendar to the fridge and mark off each day when you have taken Souvenaid®.
    • Set a timer or alarm to remind you to when it is time to take Souvenaid®each day.
    • When you are away from home it may be more difficult to remember to take Souvenaid®. Try to continue with the routine that you use at home as best as possible.
    • Make time once every few weeks to sit down and write about how you or the person that you care about has been. Think about the practicalities: Do you/they enjoy taking Souvenaid®? Do you/they remember to take it every day? This will help you to identify any problems and come up with strategies to overcome them.
    • Be sure to attend regular check ups with your doctor to ensure that Souvenaid® continues to be right for you or the person you care about.